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My name is Anne-Marie and I hail from Bolton, Lancashire. This is my first foray into blogging. I hope to record what inspires me and anything that makes it past the drawing board!. I recently retired and so have lots more time to play.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Big Day Out

I tagged along today as my husband had meeting very close to Haworth, the home of the Brontes.
The weather forecast was a let down and the day was wet and gloomy.
I was concerned using my camera in these conditions and chose to use my i phone.
The rain helped to enhance the mood of the place as you would expect stormy skies over the moors. It was a lovely day for me as I was able to wander around the place without the hoards of tourists and this made snapping much easier.
We had a lovely lunch and I was able to have some time browsing charity shops in Keighley and bought an Instamatic camera for a snip - seven pounds !

I found a great wool shop and two little girls are going to get a vintage cardi for the autumn or summer depending on your optimism.
We were limited on time but will be returning to the moors to do some walking as there is a walk from Haworth which covers some of the landmarks that are described in the novels.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


I have always loved cameras. My dad and his brother Bernard had a collection and could talk cameras all day. My husband has an interest in photography and he is far more technical than I am. I have an eye for a good shot and can take a reasonable photograph more by accident than good management.
Dad gave me a number of his cameras and I have used an old cannon for years but it is getting more difficult and costly to get the films developed. My daughter Connie has the bug and now has a collection of her own.

My husband persuaded me to buy an all singing and dancing NIKON, which I am trying to get to grips with. A photography course is probably what is needed but I am trying to develop skills with help from Mr Forever, (my husband ), who is also known as Mr Lindsay in Brazil and more recently as Captain America. Yes- Captain America .. it must be true as it is recorded and written beautifully, I must add , in my grandaughter's daily book. It has also been marked by "Miss".which is all the verification that anyone could need.

I have to say that the best photos from all my travels have been taken on my iphone, which is a massive fail but I will persist. I find the responsibility of carrying the precious , expensive camera  a headache and it is also heavy after a day hiking around. I would love to take some good wildlife shots
and funky street photography.

On our last trip we visited a lovely house and garden in Wurzburg called die Residenz. A few scantily clad steam punk folk were having a photo shoot and were looking quite incongruous in their Alice in Wonderland dresses , corsets, fishnet and hats - marvellous! I wasn't brave enough to ask to take some pics.

I'm off to dark and moody Haworth very soon and I believe
it will be raining so Ive been researching my f numbers and ISO ready for the challenge. Should all else fail I will have my iphone with me.
A page from my journal :  

Monday, 24 July 2017

Knitting part two

I have completed two cactus as requested by daughter number three.I will make a few more using some different stitches and combinations. Struggling to find the small pots but going to check out ebay later.
The first of many

Sunday, 23 July 2017


I learnt to knit when I was in primary school.The first item I made was a knitted ball. By very clever rolling I was able to hide the holes and the fact that I gained at lest 3 stitches every row.

I was determined when I found I was expecting my first child to knit a layette and I managed it. I still have all the knitting patterns and pictures of all three of my girls wearing an array of hand knits.
They have spent a lot of time laughing at the photographs of themselves thro' the eighties sporting what would have been very chic when I lovingly crafted them. The various outfits, glasses and hairstyles sported by their adoring parents I can't begin to justify!
My hand knitting is pretty average but I love textiles and have to say I possess a large stash of wool which I have sworn to use before purchasing any more ..... unless I really need to.

I love sewing and I love knitting but I hate sewing up my knitting , which is puzzling but true.
I have been knitting in the evening but of late have struggled with the light as my daughter's colour choices for our grandson have been darker colours . I bought a LED light and this has been a real boost.
Something I am working on , which hopefully will be a quick project!  

A navy jacket using a 1940's pattern . The buttons are vintage from the forties. I have a large button collection and I have to force myself to use them on projects. Feeling pleased that I am sticking to the plan and using up my resources. 

Friday, 21 July 2017


I have been looking for ways to help me develop ideas and feel that I have achieved ssomething creative daily. The process is definately more important than an end result but it is nice to play and have something that you can use in a bigger piece of work and or pages that are complete.

There is alot out there to help you get started as I found when I looked on pinterest. After lots of "ahs" and "ooos" I made a start. It is esy to spend all your time on pinterest as the eye candy is never ending and I find I have to be very strict on my browsing time.

The main thread from reading about the art of journaling is to create background pages to avoid that blank page looking up at you. I have worked with young children for many years and so have a number of paint techniques up my sleeve but still found a number on line which I am excited to try.

There is a whole industry out there which is geared to journaling and can provide resources from stencils to pens. I discovered Jane Davenport who has a beautiful blog with lots of tutorials aswell as goodies to purchase. I have one of her books which is well crafted and provides step by step clear instructions and tips.

I have bought some new pens but have found that I have already accumulated a lot of  empheria
and have paints and pastels so it hasn't been a costly exercise.

    The ladies were a result of a Jane Davenport idea of starting with a blobby loose paintery drawing and finding a face in it. I think it worked reasonably well . I took my journal on hols to Germany and
have a travel section which I have collaged and included a sketch of a cormorant. We saw lots of them on a boat trip along the Mosel. I tried to capture them with my camera but failed miserably.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Projects since retirement !

These matching fabric cards were
perfect for two of the younger
 members of the family but were
 fiddly to make!

I made fabric envelopes, which
were very easy to make and offer
lots of possibilities. I made them to
 hold fabric cards for a memory game which
I found on Pinterest . I used velcro for the fastening
and was able to see the delight when my grandaughter
was able to pack away her cards all by herself.  
a linen acorn cup adorns
the gift tag that I made for a welcome
present for our latest addition to the
family our first Grandson
Found these snap cards at a large second hand place , known locally
as 'the sheds", which is an old aircraft field with lots of buildings.
 Fireman Freddie will make a great
will make a great  label for a gift for a
certain little chap of that name!


The main event -
a bear made from Millie's first Baby Gro

At last I tackled the project making
memories from  clothing.
 I used the picture on the
baby gro to make an art quilt
to be treasured.
I added my grandaughter's
d.o.b before framing it.
 Well it has only taken  five years 

Project Nursery

This badger is for my grandson's wall.
I have adapted a pattern from Helen and Bustle.
He looks much better in real life.
He is made sing felt and Liberty fabric and
is mounted on an embroidery hoop 

Again this fox looks handsome when he
is mounted on the wall - this pic isn't doing
him justice.