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My name is Anne-Marie and I hail from Bolton, Lancashire. This is my first foray into blogging. I hope to record what inspires me and anything that makes it past the drawing board!. I recently retired and so have lots more time to play.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

A wet weekend

I have hurt my knee and have been unable to tackle the mammoth fence painting - what a shame! I decided to do light housework and then have a go at re -painting Paul after his acrylic fix. The painting was difficult and had I been only re painting him I would have been able to make a reasonable job of it. I had read that this kind of repair was always noticeable and it is but it is an improvement on how he looked when I bought him. Salutary lesson - don't by badly chewed vintage dolls.

I painted another lady for my journal based on three tutorials I found on line. I have been using and practising faces from the Jane Davenport book and have watched several u-tube tutorials from people who favour her style. Just showing half a face made it easier and several individuals are reflecting colours in both hair and eyes, which is a good tip.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

We have the power to rebuild him

No it isn't the six million dollar man but Paul, Sindy's boyfriend from the sixties. He was apparently based on Paul McCartney but I can't see it. I managed to purchase one from ebay and also found a mod outfit which was in reasonable condition.
He had faults, which included crumbling fingers  and a chewed nose. I decided to attempt to repair him as I have purchased  paint and thought it was time to have a go. I have used acrylic filler for the job , which is toxic.
I wouldn't like to be working with it regularly. I worked in a well ventillated rom but it was still very difficult. I need to file and shape when it has cured and then look at a repaint.
The clthes i purchased have washed well and I have some small repairs to do .
The weather has been awful but I have managed some photography as we have been walking in the local nature reserves and I have been practising at home in the garden between heavy showers.

After a rainy day and breathing in nasty fumes a lovely walk was in order - Scotton Nature Reserve 

George scowled all day -he doesn't like it damp !

My lovely nasturtiums have had the rain and a host of these little chaps to deal with this summer 
This little fellow posed for me whilst I struggled with focus and shutter speed 

Paul's suit now has no fusty smell !
Paul looking a little strange but hopefully I will be able to
shape and file his new nose and fingers. The painting will be  difficult as he may look like he has been "tangoed"


Friday, 4 August 2017

On the needles

I am currently knitting a cardi for Evi my grandaughter. She is a curly haired bundle of fun who looks adorable in raspberry colours , which is the colour I have chosen for this latest knit.

I have also been playing in my journal on another page. I am doodling a lot of flowers at the moment but my garden is looking a bit washed out.

I have dried a few of the hydrangrs and have them in different rooms. They have so far maintained their colour lets see what they lok like in the autumn.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Swinging Sixties

Finally got round to cleaning up this little fella. He has been in the wars and has a damaged nose and fingers. I have a plan , just awaiting some resources so that I can repair him.
He came with a sixties suit which was very grubby and also needs some repair. All these jobs will be
ompleted soon.
Hiding in the foliage to preserve his modesty

The suit

Sunday, 30 July 2017


A trip into east Yorkshire to a RSB site - Bempton Cliffs. It was lovely day but the weather was precarious and we did get wet before leaving, which wouldn't have been a problem if we weren't carrying our cameras.
It has made me more determined to get a larger lens as there was so much to photograph but my kit wasn't really up to it. These are a couple of shots that I took.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

It's the weekend

We had designated this a DIY weekend but as the jobs we had in mind were outside and the weather forecast wasn't great I spent the day crafting, which was much better!
I managed two journal pages and started some knitting.

We had visited Haworth earlier in the week and I used a page with lots of blue splatters to sketch the church and add some atmosphere with some pastels. I then moved on to a page I had started with some floral doodles after visiting the Residenz in Germany. The weather couldn't have been more different -it was very hot and sultry. I used the pastels again , adding water to give a water colour effect which was muted and rather

A photo I took between showers 

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Today I have been using the embellisher to make some felt pieces with the idea of producing containers for my knitted cacti.
I have used a piece of cream wool as my pre felt base and yellow and black merino fibres.

I took inspiration from a sixties cup and saucer that I have.
I intend to use both sides of this piece as I really liked the reverse and feel that this will not detract from the exotic form of the cactus.