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My name is Anne-Marie and I hail from Bolton, Lancashire. This is my first foray into blogging. I hope to record what inspires me and anything that makes it past the drawing board!. I recently retired and so have lots more time to play.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Under Parr

I have been hit with a horrible virus and haven't bee able to focus on much. I now have a dental issue which hopefully will be resolved next week as I am getting fed up of feeling rough.

I have managed to paint more rocks which are quick projects and don't require alot of concentration.
I have also finished my circus entry in my journal.
When I visit my grandaughter she always wants to revisit a "made up out of my head" story as she calls it about an intrepid tightrope walker. She acts out the performance wearing a tutu and using the parasol I bought her to balance on a ribbon , which is carefully arranged on the floor.
I introduce her with a string of adjectives describing her prowess.  This has been a feature of my visits for two years. This summer she has made some modifications to the piece. I have been instructed that I am Simon Cowell and have to ask her a series of questions - I prefer the older version.

When I returned from a holiday I caught sight of a group , well three mature ladies returning from a protest that they were holding about a visiting circus , which has animals as part of the entertainment.
Having reached sixty I feel that I should be attending demos as this is something that I haven't done for no good reason really. Sadly I wasn't able to join this demo as the circus left town that day.
I will have to fight another cause when I have won this battle against the bug I have been afflicted with.
This is the "tipin " of two of the ladies with their placards. The llama and zebra I believe were part of this circus. 

I have used acrylics to portray my grandaughter and a couple of other circus girls. lots of writing to explain the pictures.  
Evie went on a trip to the local Arboretum and met the Gruffolo as there is a trail there.
She was very excited and talked about it quite clearly. It was in the day time and the weather was warm and so I have taken some licence with my interpretation of it. 

More rocks to hide when I venture out. They are all discovered but only a couple have resurfaced on the Mesingham Rocks site. Someone has a collection , which is fine. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Joined a rock group

Not a band sadly! The rocks I painted have been found but not appeared on the local group which is ok as someone must have decided to keep them. I have painted a few more and have varnished them ready to hide.

I have been reading some negative press about this new trend but feel that as I am not taking rocks from the environment, using harmful paints and not adding collage which could could cause wildlife injury and I am leaving them in urban places and not littering the country side that I am being responsible.

My health has been compromised by use of solvents and so have substituted all nasty products and so hopefully I wont encounter any further health hazards whilst painting.
I have chosen to paint a few characters from my childhood which has offered me the opportunity to revisit the stories of my youth . Ive just reread Emil and the detective as well as the family from one end street and just william.
You can see the cardigan that I have been knitting for one of the younger members of our family in the background. 

This rabbit took only a short time to complete 

Milly Molly Mandy -yes I'm that old !

A few sketches before I committed to the rock painting 
Progress with journal entry - still not finished this page 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


I have been busy playing with paints and other mediums but alot that I have made has gone into the "to be used as background paper" pile. I still have lots of ideas and a list of sewing projects to make before xmas.

I have been working on my journal and inspired by a journaling book I purchased I have been using mixed media to get my ideas down. I will add the book to my book list as it is an interesting book full of inspiration.
Mixed media lady with alot on her mind. Will post further pics when I have finished her

I have made a whimsical lady and have started to use her to express my latest project. I have included a photo of the journal page under construction.

On a morning walk to take photographs after the rain, I found a painted rock , which had clearly been painted by a child. I have read that this is a new craze that originated in the states and has caught on here.
Bascally you paint rocks and hide them around the locality or further afield and who ever finds it can keep it or relocate it. There is a fb page to upload pictures of the treasure and share ideas for painting.
I have made three and plan to make a few more.
Afox, a mermaid and a beatrix potter inspired mouse. I painted them in acrylics and mod podged for protection.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

A busy few weeks

I have been to stay with family to look after my grandchildren whilst mum goes to work.
I had a long journey by coach and was met with "Is this your holiday Grandma, we went to Greece?"

I had prepared for the trip and had taken activities to do with my granddaughters, which included journaling and making a fairy house.

We had a lovely time painting and collaging but I was too exhausted to work on the projects I took with me.

We ended the week with trip to Odds Farm where all the children and grandchildren got together for a fun afternoon and general catch up. Mr Forever joined us laden with gifts for the children which we had bought whilst on holiday.

A mermaid and lots of words about swimming , which figured large in the holiday she had just enjoyed. 
The fairy house and garden which was used for several days small world play.
I have been catching up on all the boring chores but have managed some knitting and transferred journaling pages to the large sturdy book I have decided to use as my journal. The cardigan is for my granddaughter who is a redhead and looks divine in raspberry colours

Saturday, 12 August 2017

A wet weekend

I have hurt my knee and have been unable to tackle the mammoth fence painting - what a shame! I decided to do light housework and then have a go at re -painting Paul after his acrylic fix. The painting was difficult and had I been only re painting him I would have been able to make a reasonable job of it. I had read that this kind of repair was always noticeable and it is but it is an improvement on how he looked when I bought him. Salutary lesson - don't by badly chewed vintage dolls.

I painted another lady for my journal based on three tutorials I found on line. I have been using and practising faces from the Jane Davenport book and have watched several u-tube tutorials from people who favour her style. Just showing half a face made it easier and several individuals are reflecting colours in both hair and eyes, which is a good tip.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

We have the power to rebuild him

No it isn't the six million dollar man but Paul, Sindy's boyfriend from the sixties. He was apparently based on Paul McCartney but I can't see it. I managed to purchase one from ebay and also found a mod outfit which was in reasonable condition.
He had faults, which included crumbling fingers  and a chewed nose. I decided to attempt to repair him as I have purchased  paint and thought it was time to have a go. I have used acrylic filler for the job , which is toxic.
I wouldn't like to be working with it regularly. I worked in a well ventillated rom but it was still very difficult. I need to file and shape when it has cured and then look at a repaint.
The clthes i purchased have washed well and I have some small repairs to do .
The weather has been awful but I have managed some photography as we have been walking in the local nature reserves and I have been practising at home in the garden between heavy showers.

After a rainy day and breathing in nasty fumes a lovely walk was in order - Scotton Nature Reserve 

George scowled all day -he doesn't like it damp !

My lovely nasturtiums have had the rain and a host of these little chaps to deal with this summer 
This little fellow posed for me whilst I struggled with focus and shutter speed 

Paul's suit now has no fusty smell !
Paul looking a little strange but hopefully I will be able to
shape and file his new nose and fingers. The painting will be  difficult as he may look like he has been "tangoed"


Friday, 4 August 2017

On the needles

I am currently knitting a cardi for Evi my grandaughter. She is a curly haired bundle of fun who looks adorable in raspberry colours , which is the colour I have chosen for this latest knit.

I have also been playing in my journal on another page. I am doodling a lot of flowers at the moment but my garden is looking a bit washed out.

I have dried a few of the hydrangrs and have them in different rooms. They have so far maintained their colour lets see what they lok like in the autumn.